Fire Call

Fire Call

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Ulster BOCES
Board of Cooperative Educational Services
Career and Technical Center
P.O. Box 601- Route 9W north
Port Ewen, NY 12466
(845) 331-6680

Last Name, First: Date: 02/24/11

CRJ 101: Police Operations Criminal Justice: Mr. Young

Job Shadowing

Directions: Document your experience over a two (2) hour period with a selected individual member connected with a law enforcement or firefighter organization.

Law Enforcement Members Name: Jimmy Peterson
Agency: Rifton Volunteer Fire Department Date: 12/06/10
Telephone # None Email: None

*Use complete sentences to document your experience.
On December 6, 2010 at 2038 hours Rifton Fire Department received a call for a chimney fire. I woke up from my nap and ran to throw my gear on. After I got my gear on I ran down to station two where two fire trucks were already leaving. The third truck stopped and let me in and we were on our way. Two trucks came from the north end of the road and the truck I was in came from the south end of the road. When we arrived on scene I was told by the driver to go up and see where they wanted the truck and what they needed me to do.
I ran up to the assistant chief Jimmy Peterson and asked him where he wanted truck three. He told me to have it park in front of truck one. At word of this I ran over to the driver of truck three and told him that he was to park in front of truck one. I went back over to Jimmy and asked him what he wanted me to do now. I was told to go over and get the tarp out so we could put equipment out without it becoming muddy or dirty. After the tarp was out me and a few other members started to get out the poles, fans, and the generator that we would need. Jimmy pulled me and my uncle Mike over to the side and told us to get the roof ladders off of truck one and two. Me and my uncle went over and took the roof ladder off of truck one and two and then had two other members come help us take off the final ladder on truck two...

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