First Impressions

First Impressions

Autobiography Caitlin Kerrigan
First Impressions
FCA’s- senses, length, typing format,
5 sentences par., word choice

I stepped in through the doors, the smell of burnt food filled my nose. My heart raced as I entered the auditorium, so many familiar faces. The chatter filled my ears and I could hardly hear. Where are my friends? Crossing the room I almost tripped over a chair leg. I spotted my friends and sat down next to them, the seats felt old and used.

Shuffling through the hallways we all looked like zombies. We file into to homeroom and sit down, the teachers lectures us. After our bodies grow stiff, we have to stand up. The hallway looked like a massive wave of students washing everyone along. The repeated each bell. It feels like everyone is staring at me and I quickly hurry outside to the benches. We sit out side by our selves in the sun rather then sit inside and be criticized. As we pass back to class, I could see the fear in my classmates faces as the upperclassmen shoved them aside. We were treated like dirt just because we were freshmen. Everyone else was freshmen before, why are we treated like this?

I hope that throughout the rest of the year, things will change. I also hope that freshmen year, as well as the rest of high school, turns out the way I want it to be. I want high school to be the best time in my life, not look back and wish everything was different. Everything’s so strange here. I feel alienated, like everything is tipped upside down. The classes are longer and everyone expects more of me. Do we even have time to adjust?

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