First Superheroine

First Superheroine

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The first superheroine (wonder woman) and her followers (batgirl,supergirl)
Wondar woman the second best seller
Characteristics of the superheroine:
Ha skin deep personality as opposed to the male superhero who was created as convoluted and bright character.
Elements/features of the superheroine:
Beauty: will imitate the ideal of beauty of those years (all of them white)
Masculine Heroism: acted like male superheroes weren't feminine.
Dependency: the superheroine has to rely on a male figure

Feminist movement:
During those years the superheroine experienced a huge leap both quantitative and qualitative. The modern superheroines were much more independent and sophisticated then the traditional ones. New superheroines: storm (black),Elektra (independent), ?Batgirl (became a lesbian)?.


During the 90's the superheroine reinvented itself on the small screen with TV shows such as Xena, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Lara Croft and so on.
Those modern superheroines represent the ambition of the third-wave feminism to convey to the society a new, more assertive, image of the woman.
In conclusion we can see that the changes in the superheroine identity during the course of the years were influenced by the development of the society itself. The more the feminism ideology had gain popularity the more superheroines became liberated from prejudice and conventions.
For example : buffy- the dependency of the humanity on the superpowred female slayers to confront with the demonic evil.
Xena- a warrior princess was a huge lesbian icon of the gay community that struggle to get equal rights worldwide.

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