Fish! Book Review

Fish! Book Review

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Fish! Book Report

1. What are the four big ideas in the book?

a. The first idea Lonnie presented to Mary Jane was choosing your attitude. Moreover Lonnie stated “There is always a choice about the way you do your work, even if there is not a choice about the work itself.” Choosing your attitude when you walk into your job will decide how your day turns out in essence.
b. The second idea was to play! Allowing for things to run its course and not getting uptight at situations that pop up. Maintaining professionalism but still managing to have fun makes the work environment far more enjoyable than being drained by boredom.
c. The third ingredient “Make their day!” This involves engaging the customer, allowing them to participate in the fun that is occurring, making them feel included. More importantly you want to focus on ways to make another persons day.
d. The fourth idea is to be present. Having fun and enjoying what you do is just the half of it, you have to include customers and others in on the action.

2. How did the book get its title?
The book got its title from the Pike Place Fish Market. This fish market happens to be world famous and has nailed the concept of high energy, joyful atmosphere and excellent customer service right on the head!

3. What happens to the main character at the end of the book?
At the end of the book Mary Jane Ramirez and her coworkers successfully transform the third floor toxic energy dump into a whole new environment. Mary Jane received the Chairwoman’s Award as well as an offer to work at a competitor which she turned down. Also, mentor and friend Lonnie proposed, to which she said YES!

4. What did you like most about this book?

By far I enjoyed reading along and agreeing with everything Mary Jane was thinking/feeling and being able to apply my current job position to what was happening in the book. I found myself wondering off trying to think of ways that I could apply what I have...

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