Fish Stock

Fish Stock

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Declining Into Extinction:
Fish Stock of the World


June 30, 2008
Overfishing occurs when the fish of the Ocean are caught faster than they can reproduce. After recent research, reports have surfaced that over 90% of the large fish population in the Ocean has been stripped away by heavy commercial fishing from within the last half century. Fish, such as tuna and swordfish, are believed to be near extinction. These fish were once in abundance throughout the waters, but are vastly disappearing before our eyes as a result our impact on these species. As the world’s population continues to increase (we have already topped 6 billion), desire for fish increases as a result. However, there will never be enough fish to supply all these people’s demands. This is something that strongly needs to be recognized. Overfishing is not just affecting the fish population, as it is a chain reaction to all other walks of life. Marine birds and mammals rely on fish as their food supply, so by reducing the fish population, it is in turn affecting a giant food web by tremendously and intentionally destructing it. (Koster, 2007) Overfishing is not just damaging marine animals and fish, but is tampering with the food supply of millions of people. (Nuttall, 2007)
Nevertheless, the damage that the human factors have impacted on the aquatic life is reversible. There are various approaches and techniques that can be used in accordance to restoring order back into the marine kingdom. The first step is to take legal action within our legislation. Promoting the idea that commercial fishing boats need restrictions allows us to make a statement that sustainable living within the marine environment is possible as long as the necessary action is taken accordingly. Limits should be executed on the amount of fish to be fished out of the Ocean. There are techniques that can be put into place that help prevent the...

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