Fishery Machinery Manufacturing Market

Fishery Machinery Manufacturing Market

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Fishery is an entity which has been widely popular for many years for harvesting or raising fish. The equipments
used for these purposes have eased the process from time to time serving the livelihood of over a few hundred
million people in the world. The machinery used for fishing is based on its classification viz. recreational and
commercial.Recreational fishing is used for competition, fun and sports where equipments such as rods, hooks, line,
reel as well as artificial flies are used for fishing. Commercial fishing is done for profit where equipments such as
traps, lift nets, weights, hacks, dredges and trawls are used to manufacture tons of fishes daily.
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The market for fishing equipments is largely characterized by brand loyalty. With most of the users using specific
brands, value of high quality fish tackle brands is increasing phenomenally. Furthermore, rising expenditure by
millions of anglers across the globe and special taxes collected on motorboat fuel and fishing tackle are contributing
in supporting fisheries conservation and fish recreational programs. The fishing equipment market is showing a
healthy growth with the changing food habits as well as growing concerns of the health benefits of consuming...

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