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My name is Yeoh Shu Yu, but my friends named me as Fishy. This is because my last name sounds like ‘fish’ in chinese’s pronunciation. My age sways in sweet-sixteen currently. It will change on every 20th January. I was born and raised in the Kota Bharu,Kelantan,Malaysia on January 20 of 1993. I am the oldest one in my family. I have two brother and one sister. I live in Penang now, specifically in the city, Gelugor. I love my Penang, it’s a beautiful island and warm place to live, filled with nice people. I have been blessed with a big family and that’s because my mother has 2 brothers and 3 sisters, my dad has 1 brother and 3 sisters which results of me having 17 cousins! As a family we are very united and we even have a family vacation every year!

Relating to my educational background, I did my first studies in Taska JG and then graduated from primary school SJK(c)Han Chiang on year 2006. I decided to do this exchange program after finishing my career because, first, I wanted to finished on time my career; second, so I can take the same classes that I already took in my country and compare it to how they teach them in the US; and third because I wanted to practice my English while using the terms of my careers.

While I was studying in the university I worked for one year and seven month in "Heritage School", that is located inside of one of the biggest tourist project in the Dominican Republic: Cap Cana. I was in charge of all the international purchasing and I gained a lot of experience, but it also helped practice my english.

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