Fit Essay

Fit Essay

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney said. Since, I was a child, I

have been always keeping this quote in my mind. I have been having interest in

fashion, FIT which can make my dream come true in fashion business, is my

goal. That is why I came to New York City one year ago because it is home of

latest fashion trends. I was ready to learn what I want most in the heart of fashi

on, where new trend is created every day just like blood is pumped out of a hea

rt every second. I loved to dress up Barbie dolls when I was a kid. As I grew ol

der, however, I started to put make-ups and try different clothes on myself inst

ead of my dolls. I was just fascinated with fashion. My enthrallment from fashio

n to fashion trend made many of my friends frown upon me. I enjoyed to see the

m wearing clothes that I already tried a year ago. When I think about why I was

so obsessed with fashion, I can stop picturing my mother. As a housewife, alwa

ys had chores to do: making meals, doing the dishes, cleaning the rooms and so

on. However, she never wore like someone staying at home all day doing erran

ds. She did not wear like a first lady, either. But, she was always classy and fas

hionable. Even when my friends in high school did not want their mothers to visi

t our school, I had no problem with my mother showing up in the class for I kne

w she would look confident and neat. My father, who runs a company including t

rade over 30years. I have been grown up watching him that working for not onl

y my country but also other contries according to globalization. I can not say gr

owing up around these people who appreciated looking clothes and business ha

d no effect on my obsession with fashion and trade. I went to a college where I

double majored in fashion design and merchandising, home management. Throu

gh home management class I learned about marketing a little. And I wanted to st

udy marketing deeper...

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