Five structures of concrete mixer truck

Five structures of concrete mixer truck

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1) feeding device

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Is mainly composed of a feed hopper Planetary Concrete Mixer, a discharge hopper, a slide chute and a lifting mechanism, mainly to complete the mixed concrete handling, which is arranged in a rear mixer.

2) subframe

The subframe is the base part of the stirring truck, carrying the jacket and the weight of the concrete. By U bolt and the connecting plate is fixed on the automobile chassis. Between the auxiliary frame and main beam of an automobile cushion rubber slab damping and combat role.

3) before and after stent

Before and after the stent is the main supporting member of the mixing barrel, front and rear bracket plane angle determines the stirring barrel installation angle.

4).Reducer support components and dynamic components mixing barrel, it drives the mixing drum rotation and speed.

5) operating system

The main control of the mixing barrel steering and mixing drum speed control system. Steering control tube is through the rod transmission control system to drive the hydraulic pump variable cylinder to realize the reversing lever Mobile Concrete Brick Making Machine, at the same time, if the increase or smaller variable rod swing angle, can trace regulating pump flow. Speed control of the mixing barrel mainly by manipulating the system bar to pull the engine throttle cable chassis, increase or decrease the engine speed to adjust the hydraulic pump speed, thus changing the flow of a hydraulic pump, the mixing tube feeding, discharging twin shaft concrete mixers for sale, stirring and stop function.

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