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Family Reunion
By: Kelsie Morgan

“Not again,” moaned my brother, as we were packing up the car to leave for our family reunion. Kelvin Jr. would always try to get out of going. “Mom I’m sick.” That was his favorite line to try and get out of going. Family reunions are anticipated for some and regretted by others. Personally I enjoyed them very much; it was like a dinner and a movie. From the good finger licking food, to the drama were you need a bag of popcorn in order to watch.

Now when I say drama, I mean drama! For instance my family gets really competitive, with sports, which uncle cooked the best dish, whose kid can dance the best and even whose low rider can get the lowest. Petty stuff like that sparks confusion amongst our family. Not just competition sparks the drama, but even the alcohol. Now for that reason we have a “no alcoholic drink” policy at our family reunions. It never used to be that way until that one family reunion when my great aunt got drunk and tried to kill my uncle for pouring her beer out. “You poured my liquor out!” those are the famous words my cousins and I will not ever forget. No one can separate my aunt from her Corona; it was like her best friend. It was so funny to watch her chase my uncle down the park with a jump rope shouting, “you poured my liquor out!” being that she was sixty-four years old people began to worry. She is always drunk on Saturdays and at church on Sunday like nothing happened the night before.

Now what excites me the most about my family reunions is the food. In African American cultures food plays a big part in our lives. I think the only real reason why people come to the family reunions is because of the food. Well, I know the “big sisters” do. Oh, yes there are big! One Christmas they fought each other for the last piece of chicken. The “big sisters” are twins, they are enormously overweight but they sure run into the kitchen before anyone else gets in line....