Flight Planning

Flight Planning

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Flight Planning

Why do I have to do it surely the manufacturer will have to ensure I cannot overload/mislead an aircraft.

a) Article 43(d) of Air Navigation (No. 2) Order 2000 states that 'the Commander of an aircraft registered in the United Kingdom shall
satisfy himself before the aircraft takes off that the load carried by the aircraft is of such weight, and is so distributed and secured, that it may safely be carried on the intended flight'. The CAA has successfully prosecuted
pilots who have failed to comply with this Article.

b) In addition ANO Article 8 requires that all aircraft have a valid Certificate of Airworthiness or Permit to Fly. These documents, either directly, or by reference to a Flight Manual/Pilots Operating Handbook which forms part of a C of A, specify the weight and centre of gravity limits within which the aircraft must be operated. If these limitations are not observed, the pilot is failing to comply with a legal condition for the operation of his aircraft, thus insurers could reject any claim in the event of a mishap.

W & B and Performance

Some References used in weight, balance, and performance

Basic Empty Weight Aircraft including Oils, Fluids and Unusable Fuel

Zero Fuel Weight Basic Empty Weight + Passengers + Baggage/Cargo
without any fuel loaded other than unusable fuel.


|1 Imperial gallon = |4.55 litres |
|1 US gallon = |3.785 litres |
|1 Imperial gallon = |1.200 94 US gallons |
| | |
|1 Imperial gallon of AVGAS = |7.1lbs (pounds) |
|1 kilogram = |2.2 lbs |
|1 Litre of AVGAS = |0.71 kg (kilograms |

Passengers Actual Weight of Passengers

Baggage Actual...

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