Flying from a to B

Flying from a to B

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The task set was to prepare a route and a flight forecast for an imaginary journey.
I have chosen to plan a direct flight in a light aircraft from Humberside to Nice/Cote Dazur in daylight and under visual flight rules, VFR. The trip was proposed for Thursday 5th April and I therefore commenced obtaining forecasts some days before. Figure 1 shows the intended flight plan.

With a total route distance of 660Nm a light aircraft with a large endurance must be chosen and be able to allow for a diversion if needed. I have chosen to fly the route from Humberside to Nice in the Cessna Skylane 182T.
The Cessna 182T specification shows that it is able to cruise at 145kt at 80% power at 7,000feet with a range of 773Nm and endurance of 5.4 hours. I am planning to fly at a height between 2000 and 4000 feet and at less than 80% power to allow a cruise speed of 140 knots. The total flight time in the Cessna 182T at 140Kts is approximately 4 hours 45 minutes at nil wind. The endurance of the Cessna shows if needed a diversion would be achievable.

The route from EGNJ Humberside to LFMN Nice/Cote Dazur can be flown direct and passes to the East of London’s major international airports and to the East of the Paris major international airports. Along the route eleven aerodromes will be used to obtain the weather information needed and they are shown with the aerodrome codes, Humberside EGNJ, Norwich EGSH, Stansted EGSS, Southend EGMC, Manston EGMH,, Cambrai/ Epinoy LFQI, Paris/ De Gaulle LFPG, Troyes LFQB, Dijon/Longvic LFSD, Chambery/ Aix-Les-Bains LFLB and Nice/ Cote Dazur LFMN.
Figure 2 illustrates the aerodrome locations.

When choosing which day to fly VRF, planning must take place well in advance. The weather must be studied not just from the area of departure and arrival but along the route itself. The weather can change between a small distance and this must be taken into consideration. The ability to interpret weather briefing documents is absolutely...

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