FMI: Internet Security Market Segments, Opportunity, Growth and Forecast By End-use Industry 2015-2025

FMI: Internet Security Market Segments, Opportunity, Growth and Forecast By End-use Industry 2015-2025

The internet is a global system to interconnect different devices to the computer network by the use of internet protocol TCP/IP. It is the network of networks consisting of millions of private, public, governments, business & education networks from all around the globe by using different technologies as electronic, optical, wireless and others. The internet having extensive range of data including hypertext docs, emails, websites and many more. Today the web is expanding drastically, connected to an invisible network, number of smart phones tablets & laptops has crossed the total population of the world, and many electronics gadgets have been manufactured with in-built internet connectivity. Roughly there are equal number of other electronic gadgets are connected with internet as of computers around the globe.

The problem is not the expansion of internet with the technologies but it is to handle this vast web with proper security measure & this is the reason cyber security come in the existence. Internet security is a field of computer security directly linked to internet, involved browser security, network security, applications or operating system security. Its target to define rules & measures to use against cyber-attack, Cyber-attack is a provocative operation implement by individuals or whole organization to target computer network, infrastructure, and information systems by various means which either manipulate, steal or destroy the specific data from the targeted system or network.

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Internet Security Market: Market Dynamics
The key trends of internet security market are increment in DDoS attacks & increased adoption of cloud deployment services in small as well as big organizations. This has given a boost to cyber security solutions. Key growth driver of internet security market are hiking in adoption rate of online transactions, increased adoption of smart...

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