FMI: Silicone Industry Market Dynamics, Forecast, Analysis and Supply Demand 2015-2025

FMI: Silicone Industry Market Dynamics, Forecast, Analysis and Supply Demand 2015-2025

Silicone Fluids are branched polymers which have Silicone and oxygen atoms alternating in a chain, with a methyl group or a phenyl group attached with the Si and O atoms. Because of their high thermal stability, of temperatures in excess of 100*F the Silicone fluids are increasingly used as Lubricants in various industries. These Lubricants come in various forms, thermic fluids which are resistant to thermal conduction and hydraulic fluids which provide good viscosity resistance. As the Lubricants have high thermal stability they act as excellent electrical insulators and unlike carbon based insulators do possess anti flammable qualities which increase their application in various high energy applications.

Due to low methyl to methyl inter-molecular interaction and high backbone flexibility silicone materials possess a low glass transition temperature and remain liquid at room temperature even at high molecular weight. High boiling points their viscosity is less affected by temperature changes than organics. Due to their chemical properties silicone fluids have various positive outputs such as less effect by aggressive environments compared to Organic Lubricants, oxidation resistances of silicones market them apt for long life applications, due to inertness towards other chemicals they can be easily applied in the Food and Beverage processing industry.

With the high application in various industries Silicone fluids are available in different forms based on the intensity of application, those types being Silicone compounds, Silicone greases, Silicone pastes, Silicone anti friction coatings and Silicone dispersions.

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With high temperature stability and good heat transfer characteristics, they are apt for applications in laboratories for heating baths placed on top of hot plate stirrers as well as cooling applications. Silicone based fluids are also used in the form...

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