Focus on the performance of the main system for the concrete mixing station

Focus on the performance of the main system for the concrete mixing station

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construction environment and construction objects; When choosing to buy concrete mixing station, should fully consider the impact of the construction of objects and construction environment, thus ensuring the smooth construction and construction quality.In the following cases we recommend that you be prepared.

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a. when a large amount of a one-time casting site (optional stir Stir by more than 12 hours), high enough quality requirements pieces and stir no reinforcements nearby station Concrete Planetary Mixer SICOMA concrete mixer, the best choice for both specifications smaller mixing station, or choose one of the main a dual formulation.

b. When the site inaccessible, maintenance personnel need to spend a lot of time and out of the site, the best choice for a smaller size with the same two stations, or prepare enough spare parts to ensure the smooth progress of construction.

c. When the construction of a more decentralized manner, but not too far distance between the site, the concrete transport vehicle conveying a radius of not more than half an hour portable cement mixer, dump trucks transporting no more than 10 minutes. The best centralized multi-stirring numbers, in order to improve efficiency and economic benefits of mixing station construction.

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