Focusing on Differentiation Strategy

Focusing on Differentiation Strategy

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From my research on the Home Depot, I think Home Depot Co. it is used to focusing differentiation strategy. This strategy keyed to differentiation aims at A product / service with unique, appealing attributes allows a firm to Command a premium price and/or Increase unit sales and/or Build brand loyalty. It is order to secure a competitive advantage with product offering carefully designed to appeal to the unique preferences and needs of a narrow, well-defined group of buyers. Successful use this strategy depends on the existence of a buyer segment that is looking for special product attributes or seller capabilities and on a firm’s ability to stand apart from rivals competing in the same target market niche.

The Home Depot (Atlanta, GA) began its formal supplier diversity program in 2003, it meaning that it implements differentiation strategy. Home Depot is the company that blazed the trail in supplier diversity in the home improvement industry. What is more, a supplier going to their website will find more than 400 different categories of products or services that they procure. They include resale products that customers buy at the stores, resale services like in-home installation programs, and non-resale items for internal company use, from pens to computers to HVAC and of course the IT component. We have diverse supplier representation in just about every area of the company and every category where we can find a diverse supplier that is nimble and flexible and offers a great quality product and good price.

Actually, Differentiation strategy, is a condition of the enterprise-focused business strategy, it stressed the need to rely on the company's existing level of resources to provide the customers in the industry-wide unique product or service, this feature can give products additional increases.

Differentiation strategy advantage.
Differentiation strategy is to enhance the competitive advantages of enterprises an effective means. Differentiate...

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