Fogel Neale - Essay

Fogel Neale - Essay

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Frances Anderson

Wednesday 3, 2011

Report Writing



Date: October 24, 2011
TO: Michael Markiewicz, Partner Fogel Neale
From: Frances Anderson Operations Assistant
Subject: Proposal for Cultural Sensitivity Training and Language Classes

Attached is my report “Proposal for Cultural Sensitivity and Language Classes,” according to my previous memo on 10/17/11.

The report identifies the challenges that Fogel Neale has with furthering their development in expanding in the global market. Based on my research I have composed a detailed plan when received using the information and resources will put the company back on track by remedy the problem.

Should you have any questions or need to contact me in regard to this matter you can reach me my e-mail or phone. My e-mail address is by telephone # is (212) 999-9015.

Executive Summary

Fogel Neale is a rapidly growing company. Fogel Neale has had continuous growth since the inception of the company in 2009. Fogel Neale has managed to expand in the global marketplace by opening an office in Tokyo. Fogel Neale is currently looking to expand further in the Asian Market as well as the European Market, but have run into a few problems. Most of these problems are a lack of understand of the culture and inefficiency within management and the company itself. The plan to implement solution to these obstacles will take about 4 months to implement and the estimated cost is about $20,000. The plan involves establishing a schedule for the plan of action, establishing a training center, establishing a training program for culture sensitivity, establishing language classes, establishing continuing education classes.

Proposal for Further
Implementation of Training Program
For Cultural Sensitivity and Language Class

Frances Anderson
Operation Assistance

October 24, 2011

Prepared for
Michael Markiewicz...

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