Following simple instructions

Following simple instructions

Carefully follow each direction below. You may NOT ask the instructor, or any classmates, for help or advice.

1. This is a test to see if you can follow directions. First, read everything on this page before doing anything so that you will know exactly what to do.

2. Put your complete name, first and last, in the upper RIGHT hand corner of this page.

3. Circle the word name in instructions #2 and #12.

4. Write the date in in the upper LEFT hand corner of this page. Any format is okay.

5. Draw five small squares under your name.

6. Put an X in each square that you’ve just drawn.

7. Put a circle around each square.

8. Put a circle around all of instruction #7.

9. Put a large X at the end of this sentence.

10. On the back of this paper, multiply 3 by 19, and circle your answer.

11. Draw a small circle around the LARGER of the two numbers in instruction #10.

12. Loudly call out your first name when you have read this so that your instructor can see who got this far.

13. If you think you have followed directions carefully up to this point, call out, “I am following directions!”

14. On the back of this page, add 109, 100 and 124, and then circle your answer.

15. Go up to the board and write the answer from instruction #14. Put a circle around it. Return to your seat.

16. In your NATIVE language (FIRST language), count from one to ten in a normal speaking voice.

17. Punch a hole somewhere on this page with your pen or pencil. Then push any finger through the hole and take it out again.

18. If you have gotten this far, call out proudly, “I have done instruction #17!”

19. Go up to the board and write your zip code and add a smiley (happy) face next to it. Then, return to your seat.

20. Say clearly and loudly, so that everybody can hear you, “I am almost finished.”

21. Now that you have followed instruction #1, and you have read everything before doing anything, please follow only...

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