food franchising

food franchising

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Franchising Comparison

Robert Goodwin, Arthur Mickie Jr

Cheryl Boehm

For years, Burger King, McDonald's and Wendy's have all been fast food restaurant rivals (some more than others).  Both McDonald's and Burger King has been going neck and neck to compete for the most sales. McDonald's has been able to maintain their #1 spot with Burger Kings sitting at #2. As of late, within the last decade, Burger King no longer holds that title. In fact, it is underdog Wendy's that have taken it. We will explain our due diligence in this matter of selecting a franchise to take over. We will also lay out the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing either restaurants or whether or not we should just purchase a new entity all together. Our findings will be documented via the Franchise Evaluation Chart as well as our recommendation on which company would be a better fit for us. 

McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's are the leading companies in the fast food industry right now. They all constantly compete over the same things: burgers and fries, who does it best. With careful consideration for all three companies, the due diligence issue must be addressed. During the evaluation process, we will assess the three companies to see what their market shares are. Of course, the one that is showing the most potential would be the one to be considered for new management. We would also have to look into the projected future to see which company has the most potential and what adjustments need to be made. Research has shown that McDonald's currently has the most ROI (return on investments when it boils down...

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