Food from the Land of Smile

Food from the Land of Smile

A closer look at Thai cuisine clearly reveals the identity and the soul of the Thai people. Thai culinary traditions reflect natural abundance and unique characters of being Thai. Natural yields from local surroundings are put together artfully to furnish three well-balanced meals a day. The results are unrivaled flavorful Thai dishes, with regionaloriginality.

Thai foods are unique because a great variety of hot peppers and herbs are used in their preparation. There are more than five different kinds of hot peppers grown in Thailand which are used in Thai cuisine, so Thai foods generally have a hot and strong taste.

It’s always surprise to learn that basic ingredients for Thai dishes were simply rice, salt and chili, with some additional fresh-water fish and vegetables. Pork and poultry were normally for special ceremonies, festivals and social functions. Each meal consists of two or three different kinds of main dishes. Each dish has different taste such as hot, salty, sweet,
or mild and there is a different color.

The different colors of curry indicate the spices and hot peppers that were used in preparation. Every finished platter is given a colorful garnish to complement the curries and other dishes before they are served.

There are so many kinds of herbs and spices used in Thai cooking.Horabha or Basil Leaves are used in curried dishes with coconut milk. They are also eaten raw with some tidbits such as spring rolls, spicy beef salad. Gaprow or Balsam Leaves are used in country styled curries, without coconut milk, or in stir-fried chillied dishes.Ta Krai or Lemongrass ; they look like weeds. Five to six inches of the lower part are used fresh for flavouring and as ingredient. etc.

Whenever people say Thai food, they often think of food from central Thailand around Bangkok. But Thais have different colorful cuisines from each region : North, Northeast, and South.

The Northern region is next to Burma. Some curry dishes in...

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