Food Is Just Like Fashion

Food Is Just Like Fashion

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We have many beliefs of what composes our philosophy of fashion. Have you ever eaten Armani or worn pasta? I often marvel when looking at fashion magazines and food magazines thinking, "What is the difference?" Have we come to a point where what we eat and what we wear make us who we are? I argue, "Does it really matter if you are "in" because you eat Fondue?", or "in" because you wear Coach? Supposedly, I am not in with my Gap Shirt and $5.00 value meal but I wonder, "Am I missing something?"

Nothing better than looking at all the beautifully plated foods and delectable treats in Rachael Ray's, Everyday. Fine meals for dinner party's, happy hour, or just having guests over on your patio she has everything you need. Some finger foods for your cocktail dress, light dishes to go with your suit and drink, or maybe just some dip or pasta before you go home. The idea of "Everyday" food is fantastic but what class are we categorizing everyday? According to the magazine when you want to eat at a dinner party, you are having a couple of guest with high-end ingredients in your plates.

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Happy hour is a couple of people drinking margaritas eating seafood. All of these seem to be combining regular food terminology with a class of fashion. Happy hour, dinner party, or having guests over on your patio can all be up to interpretation of what you think that means. The food you serve however seems to describe exactly what is you expect. What if Rachel Ray's magazine depicted meals made of beer, Buffalo wings, and hamburgers? Does that mean it is less fashionable? If you even, ask the question than you understand the comparison and the contrast.

If food can be fashionable or be casual depending on the situation, "is fashion at all related to food"? Looking through O, the Oprah Magazine there is undoubtedly a comparison of food and the fashion illustrated. Beautiful men and women at dinner tables surrounded by healthy foods....

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