Food Lab - Journal Entry

Food Lab - Journal Entry

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Daniel Bennett


In making the apple & pear crumb pie, I feel that our group didn’t do well, because

Wee didn’t clean up after we were finished, we all didn’t complete our tasks, and we

didn’t put in the pie until there was 10 minutes of class left. Our group did work as

A team at some point in the lab, we all basically did our own thing at the wrong

time. The successful part of this challenge was basically getting the pie into the

oven. The challenging part of the lab was the measuring we had to start over and

make the pie because of measuring. I wouldn’t make apple/pear crumb pie again

for myself, but I would make the recipe for my family members to enjoy.

What I would do differently next time is would just make it a apple crumb pie

because everyone loves apple pie. To modify the recipe to make it more to my

liking is to delete the pears from the recipe, because to me apple and pear don’t go.

To make this recipe healthier I would say that the recipe is already healthy because

it has fruit and oats, which are healthy to me. To make this recipe for someone with

a special diet need, I would remove any ingredients that would be harmful to the

person with the dietary needs. Well other than that our did poorly but I can say

that I had fun making it, but our group will perform better in the next food lab.

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