Food Protection Bhs436

Food Protection Bhs436

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BHS436-Food Protection

Trident University

Assignment: Implementing Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

Write a 2-3 Page Essay as follows:
1. Describe the objectives of implementing HACCP.
2.  Clearly identify one of the seven principles of HACCP and explain how it could be implemented in the restaurant setting.  What are some of the foreseeable challenges to implementing that principle?   
Question 1:

Describe the objectives of Implementing HACCP

HACCP is a simple control system used to identify and prevent microbial/hazards in various foods. This program works to prevent the problem before it gets started.
To implement the program you must know the requirement of HACCP. You must also be able to identify critical control points and understand how to develop them ( There are three objectives found to put the HACCP into action:
• Classical - which is when each food is taken through the entire HACCP.
• Categorical- is the easiest; the food is placed categorical.
• Process- is when each food is reviewed and decided how many times food goes through danger zones.
Food have various steps, next determining if the food is process one, process two, process three. Process one food is received, stored, prepared, Process two food are received, stored, prepared, cooked, served, cooked to order foods, received, stored, prepared, cooked, and hot held, prepared, cooked, and served, for cooked-to-order, foods, or they can be received, stored. Process three foods are received, stored, prepared, cooked, cooled, served cold, reheated served or reheated and hot held (
Once you have determined which objective best suits you. The seven principles must be incorporated into process and they are:
• Hazard analysis
• Critical control point
• Establishment of critical limits
• Monitoring procedures
• Corrective actions
• Record keeping
• Verification...

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