Food Safety Testing Services Market: Growth and Forecast 2014 - 2020 by Future Market Insights

Food Safety Testing Services Market: Growth and Forecast 2014 - 2020 by Future Market Insights

Global Food Safety
Testing Services
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Governments around the world have massively increased their focus on ensuring food safety.
The threat of foodborne illnesses has led to stringent regulations from food testing authorities
worldwide. The global food trade has increased manifold in the last decade or so, and
manufacturers have become increasingly reliant on food testing mechanisms to ensure that they
are following all the regulations and guidelines. The growth of the global food industry is
dependent on fool-proof food testing mechanisms. Lack of proper food testing can increase the
risk of food poisoning and other foodborne diseases. In the recent past, several incidents have
happened wherein improper safety mechanisms have led to the outbreak of foodborne
illnesses. The authorities in the developed world have enforced stringent quality checks on their
food imports and many food products have been out rightly banned for failing to meet the
safety guidelines. Increase in the focus on food safety has also led to product recalls from some
of the leading names in the food industry.
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Positive Outlook on the Global Food Safety Testing Services Market
The global food safety testing services market is anticipated to expand at a steady rate through
2020. Growth in developed regions, such as North America and Western Europe,

Report Description
and stringent regulations on the quality of food exports in developing countries are projected to
be the key drivers for the growth of this market. However, lack of proper testing mechanisms in
developing economies can pose a challenge...

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