food security

food security

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Food Security

Food Security
The research paper will discuss food security through biotechnological engineering. It will also point out the potential benefits that society can derive from using advanced agricultural methods in food production. The writer will also discuss the research material derived from the years of experimentation. Finally, the paper will concludesummarize with the writer’s opinion on the subject matter.
Key words: Genetic modification, Food Security, crops, livestock and environment.

Thesis Statement: Man must come up with an ethical way to guarantee food security for present and future generations.
II. Consequence of Personal Actions
Animals, the ecosystem and people may suffer the effects of advanced agricultural methods in food production. However, animals and people benefit most from personal actions.
III. Actual Harm
Actual harm includes increased global warming, environmental degradation, and high incidences of disease in animals and human beings (Thomspon, 2011). Unethical agricultural techniques using excessive herbicides and pesticides can result in increased chemical residues on foodstuffs. The techniques can also expose farm workers to toxic chemicals. Unethical practices such as cloning can have negative effects on animals like sheep, goats and cows.
Cloning increases the likelihood serious genetic defects occurring in animals (Ruse & Castle, 2011). The first cloned sheep, Dolly, suffered deformed bones and a weak excretory system. People who eat cloned animals or meat that is enhanced with steroids are at the risk of suffering hormonal imbalances. Processing does not remove additives from the meat. Increased herds of cows will increase the amount of methane in the atmosphere. This...

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