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Julio Escalante Escalante 1
Professor Terries
English 101

Order Up

There are lots of eating establishments here in New York. Some can fast food restaurants or regular restaurants where you sit and wait for your meal. Fast food restaurants can sometimes be disappointing and sometimes delicious. Regular restaurants where you can sit are more organized and the food is mad better. For example taco bell a fast food restaurant and Applebee’s and restaurant both have their similarities and differences. For example they both have a different vibes when you walk in. they both sell foods but are totally different.

There are many similarities between Taco Bell and Applebee’s. The first similarity is that you can inside both restaurants and dine in. They both try to satisfy the customer as much as possible and give them good service.

Escalante 2
They both also have TVs so your not bored and can watch sports. Both eating establishments are also close to each other so you can pick either or.

Another similarity is that they both have kids meals so you can bring your kids and they can have any selection they want. Kids can get crayons with paper so they can draw and play games. Also they can get toys! They both don’t have playgrounds so kids can play. And if you have a baby you can bring them to any bathroom and change their dipper.

The Final similarity is that taco bell and Applebee’s both have dessert menus.. Taco Bell desert menu is all fried and the only other desert is the Slurpee freezes they have. Applebee’s has many more choices for deserts. They have cakes and ice cream. At Taco bell you also have brownies but they already come made and they just heat it up.

There are also many...

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