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Vacations are a very wonderful experience, but when you're spending it with

your family in a different state or out of the country it can be even

more exciting. This summer I had a lifetime experience traveling to the

Bahamas on a big beautiful cruise ship. On the cruise the food was always hot,

fresh, and ready to serve. The malls were so big and had many stores to

choose from it that it was unbelievable. There were many spa's and night clubs.

When we first arrived at the ship, I realized it was like something

I never seen before. It was truly massive. When we got onboard and the

ship set sail, my family and I stould on the wooden deck and watched the

water of the deep blue sea. We all agreed that it felt like we were on the

Titanic. I did struggle with some sea-sickness from the ship tilting left

My favorite part of the trip was shopping. The cruise was so big

that it had many shopping areas in it. The stores had a very wide selection

to choose from. It was so nice that the stores near the opening of the

dock; however you could shop on the deck while sailing. It was so nice that

you could just feel wind blowing through your hair. All things considered,

shopping is always needed anywhere even while sailing in the large ocean.

Besides the shopping, the other great experience was the food,

mainly because it was always hot and ready to eat. The restaurant area

had 24-hour ice cream and pizza. The ice cream was sweet and cold and it tasted

like it was homemade. The pizza was also good - it was so fresh the every time

you took a bite cheese would get everywhere.

Another awesome part of the trip was arriving to the Bahamas.

It was so beautiful; it was something you could imagine seeing on

TV. As soon as we got off the ship, men were greeting us wearing strange bright

yellow outfits. Walking through the busy and crowded city, we met a local

man that took us

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