Cheezy Grill provides delicious and delightful food and beverages that will sure to brighten up your day. Most of our foods are based on western style type of foods or sizzling foods combine with our own delicious handmade cheese. Most of our food are not burned but grilled in order to ensure the health of our customers and also to fulfil our customer satisfaction. We served food based on our customers preferences that is either normal grilled food or grilled cheese food.
Our café provides verities of food and beverages such as lamb chops, sandwiches, nachos, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, coffee and juices and all of it is within a reasonable price.


The services we provided at our café are full customer services. Customers may visit and sit anywhere they prefer and wait for our waiters to take their orders. For us, customer service is equal parts communication and genuine attention to our diners. When guests visit our restaurant, we want them to feel welcome and we treat them with care and respect while providing an excellent meal. We provide Customer Comment Cards for customers to give them the opportunity to leave a comment toward our food and services because it will help us learn about areas that need improvement. We also provide good facilities to our customers such as a prayer room for our Muslims customers and a Wi-Fi for entertainment or work usage which will also benefit us because they may update about our café on their social network such as Twitter, Instagram or Foursquare.

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