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Wednesday, October 29,th 2008
Today I went on my hunting trip to Saco Montana. It’s a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, but has really good hunting. We (my dad, uncle, grandpa, and I) left Missoula at about four o clock. We got to Havre (4 hours later) which was where we stayed for the night; at about eight, it was a very boring drive there. We stayed there for the night and left early in the morning on our way to Saco.

Thursday, October 30,th 2008
We got to Saco today and unpacked all our stuff and went hunting. The first place we went was a public hunting spot. We spotted five antelope about 800 yards away, so we tried to sneak on them. My uncle went one way and my dad and I went another way. When we thought we were pretty close we peaked over a ridge and there they were about 400 yards away. We then hiked up to the tow of the ridge and started to army crawl. Once on top we set up and looked at them to see if there were any bucks, unfortunately there wasn’t so by then we had been watching them for about fifteen minutes. My dad lent over to me and whispered “I didn’t sneak all this way for nothing” so he got ready to shoot and so did I. He shot first then I shot, but it was a long shot so we both missed and they ran away.

Friday, October 31st 2008
Today we got up bright and early and had some breakfast at the café next to our hotel, which has really good food, by the way. Today we went to private land to hunt, it was called Pippins Ranch. We saw and got a lot more animals today. In the morning right when we got there we spotted some antelope a long way away, so we decided to sneak on them. We watched them until they went out of sight then we started walking up a ridge. When we got to the top of the ridge, the antelope were sitting right there. We then started to army crawl to the way top of the ridge. They were sitting on the hill side across from us and, of course, staring at us. My uncle shot and missed then the shooting began. In my fifteen...

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