For What Reasons Did Countries of the ‘5t Enlargement’ Want to Join the European Union?.

For What Reasons Did Countries of the ‘5t Enlargement’ Want to Join the European Union?.

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At the present time, the European Union represents a real power throughout the world politically or economically. Integrate the European Union would make it possible these countries to belong to a major actor in the world, and to share all its values of freedom, democracy and prosperity. But beyond the Community aspect, it is especially financially that the European Union attrated candidates, for example by putting 33milliards of Euros of budget in order to finance this 5th enlargement. An financial aid which would allow to the new members to develop their agricultural policies and regional, improve their infrastructures and adapt their legislations to the standards of the Union. It is necessary to note that ten countries, that is Chypre, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia, are poorer than the European average. So, Integrate the European Union would allow to recover their standard of living as fast as possible, to reach a level similar to that of the other Member states. By adhering to the European Union, these countries besides wish to strengthen their status of new Independent State notably since the end of the Cold war and the East-west confrontation which divided artificially Europe into two. By the elargissement, Europe so reties with its history and finds its geography. It’s an opportunity of peace and stability for these new members and the possibility there of setting up a stable democracy and of developing their market economies, notably with the creation of the customs union, the single market and the single currency. So, the persons, the goods, the money and the services can circulate so freely, and it was thus extended to ten newcomers.

Indentify the criteria which the new members had to satisfy to join the EU. Why are these criteria important? (20 marks)

The process of adjustment to satisfy in the conditions of accession is very long and difficult. The new Member states of Central and...

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