Force for Change

Force for Change

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Force for Change Management with Mahindra Satyam.


1. Change Management.

2. Types in Organisational Change management.

3. Effective Change Management.

4. Planned and unplanned Change.

5. Case Study on Change Management.

6. Critical Findings.

7. References and Foot prints.


The Assignment illustrates the importance of Change Management, Perfect Ingredients to be involved for any appropriate successful Change Management. The type of Change to be indulged within the organisation, with it’s Effectively and Well Expertise Managing Leaders, and the measures to be taken before the Change Management occurs/starts.

MAHINDRA SATYAM, 4th Largest Company in Information Technology Sector, the way it has handled the Change, before the start up of its huge business start up in European Countries.

Change Management:

Winston Churchill says “Never Give up .Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up.”

Change Management over past few years is almost with all Leading and Successive Companies and is with every one as one among all situations of life. (Doolin, 2003)

The process of continuous renewing an organisation’s Structure, Direction and Strengths’ in order to fulfil the needs of its stake holders, Share holders and Internal and External Customers, is the Change Management.

Most 3 Fundamental assumptions which the change management visualises the dominant approach to change to incorporate within each personnel among organisations is

Firstly the acceptance of change, without any question is for the survival of the Organisation they work for (French and Bell 1999).

Secondly the change is always treated as threat to successive organisations (peters and Waterman, 1992).

Thirdly Change is Show cased as strength of Leadership (Bass 1999, Wood Ward and Hendry 2004).

Types of changes that come across within organisation:

The only key important for a leading successful change is by developing a...

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