Foreign Policy and National Security - Doctrines and Diplomatic Examples

Foreign Policy and National Security - Doctrines and Diplomatic Examples

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Foreign Policy and National Security - continued.

Lesson 10.

Activities, Chapter 10.2
Presidential doctrine : a presidential statement that guides the nation’s foreign policy .
Example : the Monroe Doctrine or the Truman Doctrine.
Summit conference : a meeting between the heads of state of two or more nations in order to discuss and conduct international relations .
Example : summit conferences may involve military , economic matters.
Embassy : a diplomatic center that a nation maintains in a foreign country.
Example : embassy of the Russia.
Consulate : the office of a consul, from which he or she protects his or her nation’s commercial interests.
Example : Consulate-general in New York City.
5 .
Ambassador :is the chief diplomatic official at each embassy.
Example : Vladimir Lukin ( russian ambassador to USA)
Consul : an official whose main function is to further his or her nation’s business and trade interests in a another country.
Example : French republican consul was Bonaparte.
Foreign Service : a nation’s professional diplomats, who carry out its foreign policy throughout the world .
Example : Canadian foreign service.
Passport : a document that a nation issues to its citizens that allows them travel to other nations identifies them to government authorities in those nations, and gives them right to return home.
9 .
Visas : seals that are placed on foreeign passports and that entitle their holder to enter the United States.
I feel that the president should have the most influence over foreign policy. As commander in chief , the president wields considerable influence in areas of foreign policy involving military. Through executive agreements , the president can make foreign policy without the approval of Congress.

Answer questions 2-4 of the Section 2 Review on page 227.

General acceptance
The people and Congress believe that the president should take the...

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