Forgive Me

Forgive Me

Forgive Me

Stranger’s blood on my hands shot all I can
As if a harvester for the devil.
I feel the opposite of a born man,
Because how I’ve sunk to his level.

I’m far from home and I’m fighting your war,
How many lies does your tongue bear?
Be thankful you’re the one on the higher floor.
Believe me we’d have pains to share.

Although we won I still may lose,
Were all just pawns fighting for you.
We hope for the best you choose,
What have you gotten us into?

Nobody tells me all the reasons we’re here,
Scared, all I know is to kill.
Weapon in hand, nothing to fear,
War could drive any man ill.

Some are scared others killing for fun,
I’m scared praying that my family stays strong.
I’m just a soldier with his gun,
In a place I sure as hell don’t belong

Watching the death toll rise wondering how I’m alive,
So many lay slay.
Just fighting to survive,
War, the game leaders love to play.

There were no silent nights watching your brothers all die,
Taught how to treat each others pain.
Here now is where my best friend’s body lie,
Soaked by my heart, blood splattered and stained.

Don’t forget that I was so young, fought so scared.
I learned war settles not one thing.
Haunting memories we all shared,
All for a tyrants dream, our bitter sting.

A murderer walks your streets tonight,
Carrying a burden no one would please.
As if my heart has frostbite,
Why did we ever come down from the trees?

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