Forgotten Ministry

Forgotten Ministry

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MMU-100-1 Communications Skills & the Practice of Ministry

Maria Gonzalez


The forgotten ministries is a mobile organization located in Enid Oklahoma that takes place the church a.k.a “ the people, outside the 4 walls and allow us to be hands and feet of Jesus. The church has officially left the building. In the idea Jeremiah Herrian (Forgotten ministry staff) was talking about how the church had neglected the need of the homeless people in many suburban areas.
Nate Smith (Enoch Magazine) mentions that the homeless people has no love nor support from neither the church nor the people in the nearby communities. The testimonies of some of the homeless people were not afraid to say what they need or what should be given to them by the churches or communities itself.
Michael Wittmer states that rain, cold, hungry he is and that people don’t care what happens to him on a daily basis. Shelly Beckwith she was afraid of walking at night and being assaulted or rape by someone and not get any help or support. Robert
Bailey states that if WW2 was there that the homeless people will be the survivors because they are strong and ready to go into the camps. Steve Hudson was disable and had one leg and wish that he could work. Mr. Hudson me a little girl age 11 that motivates him everyday to move on in life. Cecil Smith Jr. talks about the churches rising to build up the kingdom. But what happen to raise money to assist with the homeless affordable housing, programs to get job skills, work or school for them to stay encourage and to stay out of the streets. Derrick Allen states that he was turn away from the church because he was homeless. Mr. Allen was devasted and lost his faith.
In the video the reasons for being homeless are no healthcare, which creates mental illness, alcohol or drug issue, no higher education, low poverty, and eroding work opportunities, etc…
Homeless and...

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