Formal Analysis of Art

Formal Analysis of Art

Los Musicos
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Fernando Botero was born 1932 in Medellin and studied European and Latin American painters in order to come up with his unique style. His paintings are humorous representations of people and scene around him painted in an amateur style. Fernando Botero now lives and works in New York and Paris. The artist had his first exhibition when he was only 19 and every piece sold. In 1969, an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York established his reputation worldwide. Fernando Botero uses Baroque figures, and believes that “art is deformation,” using his swollen figures to carry political and social commentary, targeting symbols of power and authority. His work, Los Musicos is a good example of this. It shows the shape of inflated people, the colors are simple hues, and he uses all the space in his paintings. The medium used in the Los Musicos piece is an oil painting. The picture that I have is actually a replica of the really thing. I found one of his originals, which only had three musicians, and the medium used was conte crayon on cotton canvas. The colors in the painting were monochromatic. .

The focal point of this piece is the nine musicians and their instruments. They all look as if they are really into their music. The painting looks somewhat funny considering how the people are painted and shaped. Some of the musicians look as though they are related because of their facial aspects. This piece look like something you might see in a mural on the side of a building. The style is unique because Fernando Botero’s works of art are usually drawn, painted, or sculpted in large robust and exaggerated forms. The piece also looks like they might be performing somewhere because you can see the lights around them. Fernando’s paintings often have the people in them look...

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