Formula for Happiness

Formula for Happiness

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Formula for happiness

He says that people are happy or suffering is up to the heart. Sometimes it was more than happy to have several elements, whether it's political, social, economic, environmental and personal psychological, etc..
Sometimes you "distress" that visitors often have commonality is home to the other common people like us human folk you all. But we will find ways how to end suffering. Cause suffering therapy happy to add their own. Life is our suffering from various part of today. "Expect" such as. Hope to have the test. 1, hope to have the position, we hope they will love, hope to inherit, hope that the boss will pay, hope to buy a car father. These expectations, we must find. "Disappointment" and we always damped. When not be so dismal realization hope, but hope to have fewer, but set "hope" in what is possible.

Accept the truth about what is in some of the world does not accept the diversion of delirium truth. See the world in terms of looking good in the world optimism is encouraging mental conditions very happy if we view the world in too much optimism may also be harmful as well. Learn by themselves were sometimes spent with myself is the best we can review see myself even though it may feel lonely, but so that in every day life of the union or even none. Associated with one no. Find hobbies that do not mind to be distracted no one will not have our life we have to do what they do not trouble anyone. Do leisure activities contribute a lot to create value for themselves? The thing itself may be a benefit to others is not very low, both directly and indirectly. Do not be a captious carping people show that people lost themselves as better than other people do not see their own defects Write a note to explain things to happen to you every day, recording problems and also help eliminate the onion from the absurd to begin with, try writing today to ensure certain results.

Would be happy with the peace is important. Peace...

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