Forth Quarter

Forth Quarter

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It's the forth quarter and for me this is were the game really starts. I have to keep
my head in the game in stay focused.A d-end is crucial at the end of the game,and im not
goin to let these patriots think they could step all over us.

"Set,hike!" yelled the quarterback.

And i hit the ground running.My guy is way to tired to contain me to the inside.
I break through the tackle and the tight and headed straight for the quarterback.And when
i got to him i unleashed the anger as he was gettin up i said,"Don't mess with the giants baby
,don't think your taking this game like it's a walk through the park."I coulkd see that he listened
and knew the game was far from over

Final two minutes of the quarter it's still too close of a game to call.But i have confidence in
my team and knew we were gonna win one way or another.We did a good job on defense the offense comes out on the field.I stand on the sidelines in agony.Wondering what was going to happen.I have no control over what happens on offense.

Yes, that's game our kicker won the game for us!If it wasn't for our great defense they surely wouldv'e scored on us. The crowd was going wild it was the best feeling have thousands of people scream for you as loud as they can.Even the announcer is screaming over the mic.
He said,"Giants win,Giants win oh my god the underdogs the giants beat the Patriots this is a great underdog story."
I feel like everything i did helped us just that much to win the game.But we lose as a team we win as a team it was a great effort by all.

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