Fortune Teller Market Analysis

Fortune Teller Market Analysis

Part 1: Analysis

1.1 Industry Analysis

Market Situation

Fortune telling is the practice of predicting information about a person's life. Nowadays, the fortune telling service is supported by private sector, or self-employ (The psychic themselves). There are many types of fortune reading methods for customers to choose from. This service is well known all over the world, every country in the world would have at least one psychic. However, there is a big gap between spiritual believers and non-spiritual believers who would agree with the fortune telling service. Also, there is a link between the fortune telling and religious believes.

Target Customer

From the research, fortune telling service business is going to be held at Assumption University (ABAC), it is no doubt that the target market for this service will be the ABAC students and employees. However, our service is focusing more on female students and employees as our main target customer, because they are more likely to think about their future and believe in superstitious kind of things than male does.


There are the large number of ABAC students as well as some teachers and staffs in Assumption University, who will give us the chance to gain more customers to buy our services.

A lot of ABAC students are concern on their future, such as their study, jobs, and personal love life. So, this would make ABAC student interested in our services.

There are some of ABAC students who just like to listen to their future reading as their life guidelines, and then plan their future.


There are many competitors from other sections who planned fortune telling business and alike. This could affect our business in the way of decreasing profit as will as the number of our customers.

There are some customers who have love confidence in the accuracy of fortune telling session as well as the fear of bad fortune reading result.

1.2 Company Perspective



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