Fr Douglass

Fr Douglass

Frederick Douglass Book Review

A Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass an American slave , is a first person narrative written by Douglass himself. Douglass book gives a first hand account of slavery as an institution and the harsh realities that slaves had to endure during this historic period. This paper will prove that through Douglass’ work we can understand slavery and the debates surrounding slavery in the 19th century. Through Douglass’ novel we are able to learn a lot about the institution of slavery and the harsh impacts it had on the black particularly in the United States.

Through the voice of Douglass as a narrator and his detailed description. We learn how the whites under slavery would separate the family and this would keep slaves from coming together to rebel against slavery. This was just one of the many tactics used to enhance white power and to have dominance over slaves. If slaves are scattered all over, it will be hard for them to come together and start a revolt. Through Douglass’ life we learn that slaves did not just only suffered physically alone from slavery but psychologically as through this separation a slave becomes dehumanized. Just imagine a child being born without seeing or knowing his mother? How will the child be socialized?

Douglass narrative is one that teaches the reader and give them insight about the harsh conditions and the severe beatings that slaves would endure for as little as doing nothing. His first hand account as a slave both as a witness and as an individual who endured hard conditions under slavery depicts and gives the reader true first hand knowledge of how slaves were treated and badly abused. He gives a detailed account of his aunt being badly beaten by the overseer Mr. Plummer. He describes how Plummer found pleasure in whipping the slaves. This was not just found on one estate but through Douglass’ narrative we learn that this was generally how it was on estates throughout the United...

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