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Country: French Republic

As many people know, AIDS and HIV are found in almost every country in the world today. There are 0.4% of the adults (ages 15 to 49) in France that are fighting this disease. There are about 62,752,136 people in France and out of this number, 120,000 people are living with AIDS or HIV. Although the number of people with AIDS and HIV is high, there have only been less than 1,000 people who have died of this disease.

This issue of having AIDS and HIV is not so high compared to other countries in the world. There has actually been a decrease of people who have AIDS and HIV in France. In 1999 there were 130,000 people who had either AIDS or HIV. Now, we have only 120,000 people who are affected in France, mainly through the influence and education campaigns promoted by the various organized religions. The principal religions that are practiced are: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Islam. The Roman Catholic religion is practiced by about 83%-88% of the population.

Even though the main religion of the country being performed by around 55,221,880 French people. There are still immigrants that have AIDS or HIV. There are about 20,000 HIV-positive foreigners that live in France. France is trying to limit the Influx of AIDS or HIV through the immigration laws and made it harder for people with HIV (mainly from Africa) qualify to get a visa called "vital residence permit.” That visa guarantees access to social services and provides some sense of stability. After We changed our immigration laws; immigrants with long-term illnesses are allowed to stay in the country under a residence visa and qualify for medical treatment.

As I previously stated; France does not have too much trouble with HIV and AIDS and therefore it is our national intent to help the other countries. This problem is not a problem that can be solved by one country. All of the countries need to collaborate their ideas and...

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