Frankenstein Analysis

Frankenstein Analysis

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Frankenstein Study Questions

1. Letters 1-4, chapters 1-2.
Compare Robert Walton and victor Frankenstein. What are the commonalities between their backgrounds and personalities?

Robert and victor become great friends when Walton, during his voyage to the pacific (to the north pole) come across an unwell and curious man, who despite being fatally ill refuses to come on board until he is assured that the ship is going north. This man is Victor Frankenstein. Both the men are of a similar high class up bringing with a passion for testing the limits and exploring new things. In the first letter Walton explains to his sister that he has an uncontrollable desire to accomplish “some great purpose”. As does Frankenstein in his ‘voyage’ to create life and test the limits of science. Walton and Frankenstein are both lonely and will forever feel isolated due to their passions and knowledge they have either uncovered or seek to uncover. They are both selfish characters and put their own needs and desires before anyone else’s, no matter who is hurt along the way.

2. chapters 3-6
Contrast the steps that victor takes to create life with the natural process of conception, pregnancy, and childbirth. How does he follow the natural progression, and how does he violate it?

The steps in which victor takes to create his monster are symbolically very similar to the steps a woman takes which trying to, and when conceiving a baby.
More often then not a couple will have a baby after they have first decided to commit to each other by way of an engagement or a wedding. Victor, before he left to attend the university in Ingolstadt Elizabeth begs victor to marry her.
Victor, fascinated with the mystery of creation begins to study how the human body functions and is put together and also how it malfunctions and dies. He sets out on a mission to discover the secret of life, like a mother would create life.
Pregnancies last 9 months, and just like victors work in creating his...

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