Frankenstein Debate

Frankenstein Debate

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Teacher and fellow students, today my group and I are here to prove that “Victor Frankenstein is a tragic hero whose downfall is justified”. “A tragic hero has hubris, or an excessive amount of pride. […] The tragic hero's hubris usually causes his tragic fall.” Victor Frankenstein indeed was a tragic hero because of his hubris. “I was surprised, that among so many men of genius who had directed their inquiries towards the same science, that I alone should be reserved to discover so astonishing a secret.” This shows that Victor is very confident with himself therefore building up his hubris. Therefore Victor's tragedy was caused because of his confidence which lead to his death. Now I will prove that Victor Frankenstein deserved his downfall as a tragic hero.

First, while he was very interested in science, creating a monster produced destructive results. After the monster killed many lives, Victor says: “I wished to see him again, that I might wreak the utmost extent of abhorrence on his head and avenge the deaths of William and Justine” from p. 90. This quote shows that the monster has done many damages such as the deaths of William and Justine. This lead to Victor’s downfall because he made the wrong decision by creating a monster.

Second, while Frankenstein has some understanding of science, he broke the code of morality by trying to play God in order to bring someone back from the dead. Victor creates a "living being" from the dead but deserts it when it comes to helping the monster emotionally. If one is to play God, one should understand that the act of creation is not the only important action. "Playing god" leads people to push boundaries of morality b/c they think they're "above" it. After Victor finished his creation, he says,” So much has been done, exclaimed the soul of Frankenstein—more, far more, will I achieve; treading in the steps already marked, I will...

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