Frankenstein Who Is the Monster

Frankenstein Who Is the Monster

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The novel is called “Frankenstein: or the Modern, Prometheus”.
“Frankenstein” was written by Mary Shelley in 1818
Shelley wrote the book at the age of 19 after spending time with friends telling ghost stores. The novel is about creating new life and it’s about a crazy man of science who believes he can create life using science. He builds human form dead bodies and brings him to life.

The novel is written in many layers like an onion. The story is told by more than one narrator:

Captain Robert Walton
Victor Frankenstein
The monster

‘‘Frankenstein’’ is a romantic gothic novel. We know this because Victor and Elizabeth fall in love and get married which is a common element of the romantic genre.

‘Frankenstein’ would have been poplar when it was first published because it was scary, it had castles and monsters, terror, horror, and the effect of this novel is the reader likes to be scared.

In early chapters of the novel we learn that Victor had a happy childhood. He lived with his parents and he wanted to become a scientist. Victor’s parents treated him good they gave a home and they cared about him and they gave him a good life and they educated him.

Victor is studying science and philosophy at the university in Inglostadt. In his studies Victor experiment on dead bodies.

Although Victor realises that his work is illegal he continues to do experiments. His friend Henry tries to stop him but he continues with his work .This suggests that Victor is crazy. After he brings his creation to in chapter five, Victor abandons his creation. He calls it a ‘disappointment’ and ‘miserable monster’; this suggests that Victor is ashamed of his work.

The sight of the creature is not what Victor expected. We know this because he describes him as “hideous” and that ‘wretch’ with ‘yellow skin’ and ‘watery eyes.’ Victor feels disgusted about his creation.

The theme of man meddling with nature is obvious in this novel. At time this novel was...

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