How is Mary Shelleys life portrayed in Frankenstein

- Mary was forced to run away by her father as his Victor Frankenstein abandons his own creation

- many of her father’s friends would help her with writing techniques and her own philosophy.

- the main character is surrounded by many professionals helping him on his way to greatness.

- both her and Victor’s mothers die when they are at a very young age

Mary Shelly

- born on August 30, 1797

- distinguished, though often neglected, literary figure during the Romanticism Era

- William Godwin, an English philosopher who also wrote novels that would inspire Mary in the late years of her life

- Mary would get married to Percy Shelley although he had been previously engaged

- Mary and her husband Percy became important writers of second Romanticism inception.

- Mary lived long into the Victorian age

- Shelleys left England for Italy

- following the death of 3-year-old William, Mary suffered a nervous breakdown

- . Further tragedy struck Mary in 1822 when her husband Percy Shelley drowned during a heavy squall in the Gulf of Spezia near Livorna

- She devoted herself to her son's welfare and education, and continued her career as a professional writer

- Shelley gave up writing long fiction when realism started to gain popularity

- Shellley died from a brain tumor at the age of 54.


- Victor is portrayed as having a strong passion for science, and a poor understanding of relationships

- Elizabeth is shown as a typical woman of her time, who is also very powerless

- The monster is shown both beautiful and ugly, and someone who the reader feels sympathetic towards

- Victor Frankenstein as a person who has become in love with the strong scientific movement of the time

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