Franz Liszt

Franz Liszt

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Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt was born on October 22nd 1811 and he died on July 31st, 1886. He was a Hungarian composer, pianist and a teacher during the 19th century.
He was known throughout Europe in the 19th century for being a great performer. He was said by his peers to be the most advanced pianist of his age and possibly the greatest pianist of all time.
As a composer, Liszt was one of the representatives of the "Neudeutsche Schule". He left behind an extensive body of work, in which he influenced his forward-looking peers and anticipated some 20th-century ideas and trends. Some of his most notable contributions were the symphonic poem, developing the concept of thematic transformation as part of his experiments in musical form and making radical departures in harmony.

Early life
The earliest ancestor of Liszt that is known is Sebastian List, who could play Piano, Violin and Organ. Liszt was born to Marie Anna Lager and Adam Liszt, who both spoke German on October 22nd 1811. His father played the Piano, Violin, Cello, and Guitar, he also knew Haydn, Hummel and Beethoven personally.
When Liszt was 6 he began listening to his father play piano and started showing an interest in sacred and Romani music. His father began teaching him how to play at age 7. He began composing when he was in elementary school when he was 8. At age 9 he appeared in concerts at Sopron and Bratislava in October and November.
In Vienna, Liszt received piano lessons from Carl Czerny, who was taught by Beethoven and Hummel.
Near the end of 1823 Liszt’s first published composition appeared in print, a variation of Waltz by Diabelli.

After his father’s death Liszt moved to Paris. For the next 5 years he lived with his mother and gave piano lessons for money. He often had to travel long distances to his students.
The following year he fell in love with one of his pupils, the daughter of Charles X(the minister of commerce).
Last Years
On July 2nd 1881, fell down the stairs...

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