Fred Banting

Fred Banting

Frederick Banting.

Frederick Banting was a great man, and a proud Canadian. Is he the greatest Canadian of all time? If not, he comes pretty close.

He was the person who invented insulin. Diabetes, at that time, affected over one million people in North America. Before insulin, most of those people died. He came up with an idea for it, even though he had no knowledge of diabetic research, and even the best minds in the world couldn’t figure out a cure.

Frederick got countless offers from the united states to go study over there, and he chose to stay in Canada because he was very patriotic and was proud of his Canadian culture. He got offered huge sums of money and even then, he chose to stay at home.

If saving millions wasn’t enough, he also was a very selfless man. Someone stole the credit for insulin and he didn’t take revenge he accepted it, and in the end things worked out for him. The formula the man stole, stopped working, and Banting was contacted to re-invent it. He even tested the formula on himself. He also served in the war before his medical findings and got a military cross for his dedication and bravery.

He got very famous, and got the first Nobel prize awarded to a Canadian, the first Canadian to be on the cover of Time Magazine, named a knight, and got invited to meet the king of England. This gave Canada a lot of credibility and good exposure.

He continued to invent things to help people. He invented the G suits for the war, and he tested them on himself to make sure they were perfect.

Frederick missed being on the front lines of the war, so he got a flight out to England to get back in the action. It was winter, and there was a plane crash, he saved the pilot but ended up dying himself, trying to get to war to help people.

In my opinion, Frederick Banting, a man who saved millions, and is still saving millions, is the greatest Canadian.

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