Free from Outside Control

Free from Outside Control

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Independence. Independence is something that everyone craves for yet many find it hard to define it. According to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, being independent means free from outside control or not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence. Thus being independent could be said as not subject to another's authority, self-governing and capable of acting or thinking for oneself.

Independence might be something abstract, but altogether it holds a very strong meaning to be pondered. Without independence, there will not be freedom. Without freedom, we can all say goodbye to our rights. To gain independence, a lot of effort is needed. Independence cannot be gained with a snap of fingers and certainly not by a blink of an eye.

Independence is something very vital in life. Without independence, the hope and faith in in people’s heart will be vanquished. It might not be thought as being a very big deal but without independence, the courage to move forward will never be alive in our spirit, the spirit of Malaysians.

It was the want and need for independence that pushed our ancestors forward, wanting to feel the joy of not being governed by foreigners. So, there came a time. A time when everyone was in full spirit and would be ready to shed blood to feel the ultimate joy. To them, shedding their souls and lives was nothing compared to their joy and happiness if their beloved, children, friends and family gets an opportunity to taste freedom. To taste the air that is not filled with gunpowder. To smell air that is not filled with misery and blood. To listen to the sound of wind without the sound of torture and suffering.

All their efforts paid off at last. Those who died in order to preserve law and order did not die in vain. When Tunku Abdul Rahman went to London to negotiate with the colonists, he did it for a reason. So that there will be peace in Malaysia. So that the blood-pouring war ends. For people to see a new light of...

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