Free Space Optics Market

Free Space Optics Market

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Free-space optics (FSO) uses optical signals as carrier frequencies to provide point-to-point transmission of
information through the atmosphere. Free-space optical (FSO) communication transmits data wirelessly for computer
networking and telecommunications through the light propagating in free space. Unlike optical fiber cables which
require a physical connection for transmission of data, free-space optics (FSO) can use any free space such as air,
vacuum or outer space as a medium. Free-space optics, being a line-of-sight communication technology, can be
used where it is impractical to establish physical connections due to high costs or several other considerations.
Adding to the benefits of optical fiber communication technology, free-space optics communication offers lower
costs, easy installations and quick establishment of network.
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One of the major factors driving the FSO market is that licensing is not required for establishing a communication
network using FSO. Thus, unlike other wired or wireless communication networks, FSO installation doesn’t incur a
high initial cost. Other factors such as increasing number of internet users and incorporation of FSO in the existing
3G and 4G networks have provided immense opportunities for the FSO market....

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