Introduction 3
The roots 4
Symbols of Freemasonry 7
Means of influence 8
The Declaration of independence and the dollar 11
American politicians and the Freemasonry 15
General’s predictions 18
The New World Order 20
Conclusion 22
Bibliography 23
Additional materials 24


Freemasonry is a secret, fraternal organization that arose from obscure origin. It spread all over the world and includes a great number of members, but still we can’t state for sure what the main purposes of this organization are. Everything connected with it is rather misty, because the official information and the real facts differ a lot. Also it is hard to extract the truth from anti-Masonic or even non-Masonic sources because many things from there are exaggerated. Even harder is to find independent information about the political involvement of this society. All of the freemasons documents, old or new ones decline the relation of the masonry with politics and religion. Wherever speaking about freemasonry or the doubtful questions connected with it the representatives state that it is forbidden to make politics or discuss religion in the lodge. Although, knowing that there were too many masons in the world politics, strong doubts arise. The masons don’t deny this fact, but the explanation of it is rather trivial, they say that these people were too much talented, and this talent had to be expressed somehow.
Out of it we may understand that it is impossible to find any useful information on our topic consulting the Masonic sources. Most of the sources for my work were the non-Masonic documents, which are actually anti-Masonic. In them one can find rather laughable information, like that that the masons use black magic or that Gagarin has never flown into space. Both opinions about the organization have fallen into extremes, denying or approving ridiculous things.
This is the reason why I got writing this work about the political involvement of...

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