Freigth Industry

Freigth Industry

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Customer value and satisfaction are recognised as key components of most business objectives, and these are measured and managed by world class companies. Organisations in supply chains face challenges in achieving competitive advantage. With the growing affluence of customers and rising standards of living, it is imperative for organisations to find strategies to continuously attain high levels of customer satisfaction. This may entail customising products and services and various activities to meet individual customer needs (Murphy, PR & Wood, DF 2008). Improving the quality of logistics service is particularly important because it increases customer satisfaction. The objective of this report is to investigate the initiatives developed to enhance customer satisfaction and retention in freight industry. Report argues at some of the key issues to be considered for on-time freight delivery which will, of course, tend to increase customer satisfaction.


AusTad Freight industry was established in 1990. Since then it is working good to survive in the freight industry. Company has fair enough resources to use but at present are not using those resources efficiently. Company is operating in NSW.

Aim And scope:

The aim and scope of this report is to identify the keys issues in freight industry to consider for better customer service and to enhance the company’s percentage in on time delivery.


With the advent of liberalization and globalization, working to global standards and matching them has become a necessity for the freight industry. These days work is done by minimum number of people and in an efficient manner without errors with help of recent technology available. They achieve by the use of automation techniques. In automation the bedrock is accurate and efficient data capturing. In automatic data capture the various technologies available are Electronic vision. Magnetic Stripe, Magnetic Character Recognition, Optical...

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